"RESONANZ" a solo concert in the open church elisabethen basel 95'

1 from the solo CD "RESONANZ"
4 didgeridoo
6 showing love (beautiful love song)

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Double Bassist Nr.13, Summer 2000

Swiss double bassist Michael Pfeuti has made many recordings as both sideman and leader. His first solo project, Resonanz, is a life recording of a solo concert, given in November 1995 in St Elisabeth in Baseel, Switzerland.
Rarely have I heard a CD which fascinated that deeply from the very beginning. Listening to his compositions ans improvisations, you can tell that Pfeuti has absorbed many influences from his classical studies, a year of studies with Rabbath, and his travels through Egypt, mali Australia and Bali in a way that is most homogeneous and organic. Nothing seems artifical or forced, it continually flows and develops, touching on some Bach and then unexpectedly flowing into percussive modes.
The ideal acoustics of a church have certainly added to the mysterious atmosphere Pfeuti created during his concert. He uses all kinds of techniques such as pizzicato, bowed melodic lines , arpeggios, as well as his voice and the digeridoo, and places archaic sounds beside the highly developed music of Bach’s Solo Suites. There are constant contrasts between light and darkness, optimism and resignation, and titles like Groaning, Overtone-Whispers, No More Belief and Showing love give an idea of Pfeuti’s deeply human approach to music and his faith that the power of music can move something or someone. I dare say that his music is unique, while his way of playing and interpreting is very individual and personal. He knows how to create atmospheres and feelings, how to touch the souls and hearts. My very subjective opinion of this recording is clearly stated.
- Klaus Schruff